Monday, December 15, 2008

Putting the aquarium in place

When you have selected the best aquarium for your needs, it is time to take it home. Here
is a checklist that you need to consider:
􀂾 Look for any scratches on the aquarium before you make
the purchase.
􀂾 Test to see if there are any leaks in the aquarium.
􀂾 Take care not to load any heavy items inside the aquarium
while you carry it home. This may lead to scratching or even
Get a tight fitting hood for the aquarium when you buy it. An open aquarium is never a
healthy option. More water will evaporate form an aquarium where the water is open to
sunlight, heat etc. Evaporation will lead to the water becoming concentrated with waste
and animal- and plant debris, and can also cause water damages and mildew in the room
around the aquarium. Contamination from falling waste is another problem. With an open
aquarium you will also risk casualties since fish often jump out of an open aquarium, and
ending up on the floor is more often than not fatal for the fish unless you immediately
spot it and put it back in the aquarium. Thus an aquarium needs a good and sturdy hood.
These hoods come in various decorative shapes and colors.
There are various accessories that go with your aquarium, other than the hood. An
aquarium is a complete set of a number of equipment that works together

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