Monday, December 15, 2008

Acrylic or Glass Aquarium

Glass aquariums usually cost less and do not get scratches as easily as acrylic aquariums.
Glass aquariums are also stronger, as they are bonded together by a silicone sealant. They
need support only on the edges, unlike acrylic aquariums. Glass aquariums are very
durable, and can last for many years without any problems. Proper lighting will make
glass aquariums look almost as clear as acrylic ones. On a negative note can be said that
glass aquariums are always much heavier than acrylic.
However, if you are looking for irregular shapes, than these are easier to obtain as acrylic
aquariums. Acrylic aquariums are much clearer than glass, and have better insulation.
This means that you can use a smaller heater in your aquarium to maintain the proper
temperature. Acrylic aquariums do however scratch easily and can therefore only be
cleaned with specially made soft pads. Removing scratches from acrylic aquariums can
be quite a troublesome procedure.
The price can also be an important factor when it comes to buying your first aquarium.
Glass aquariums are usually the cheaper alternative and there is also a wider selection of
second hand glass aquariums than there is of second hand acrylic aquarium since glass
aquariums are more durable.

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